Alignment inspections

Have your alignment inspected for a fixed fee, starting at € 450.00 per engine!

It’s important for a marine engine’s alignment to be inspected and readjusted at regular intervals.

Not only is this in order to prevent damage, but also to extend the lifespan of the engine’s components. The fact is that poor alignment results in far more wear on all your engine’s components. This may mean up to a 50% reduction in the lifespan of the flexible coupling or rubber ball races. Furthermore, the bearings in the engine may wear to such an extent that serious damage is caused to the engine.

Manufacturer guidelines are for each engine’s alignment to be inspected at least once a year. Readjustments should also be made for rubber-mounted engines. MultAlign specialises in this and is able to check and readjust any type and brand of engine. Using the latest equipment, we’re able to perform this quickly, professionally and at a very competitive price.

MultAlign has also developed a special and unique system to continuously monitor alignment and vibrations. The price is very competitive and offers you many advantages and savings! Click here for more information.

Alignment inspections are performed at your location and time of choice (within office hours). MultAlign charges a fixed fee per engine (depending on the type of engine). The price of an alignment inspection includes:

  • Inspection of alignment
  • Readjustment of alignment for engines mounted on rubbers or steel adjustable mounts
  • 100 kilometres from our offices in Alphen aan den Rijn (surcharge @ € 0.40 per additional kilometre)

While performing the alignment inspection, you can opt to have us carry out vibration measurements to discover the underlying cause if there has been any excessive/abnormal vibration. The cost of this is € 150.00.

Engine brand Motor




On rubber mounts

€ 650.00


Other than rubber mounts

€ 700.00


Any mount

€ 675.00


Any mount

€ 450.00


Any mount

€ 550.00

Any other brand

Any mount

€ 600.00

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