Vibration Measurements & Balancing

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The Pocket Vibra Pro is a handheld vibration, balancing and inspection data accumulator.

Vibration measurements

The cause of a problem is easily ascertained by measuring the vibrations. Research has shown each mechanical defect to have its own vibrational frequency. Thus vibrational measurement data can tell you whether the vibrations concerned relate to a faulty alignment, loose machinery, damage to bearings, balancing errors, insufficient or excess lubrication, etc. The comprehensive software shows this clearly, even making it possible to predict the lifespan of such things as bearings. This means you’ll know in good time the right moment to replace bearings instead of being forced to do so unexpectedly and having machinery out of operation just when it may be least convenient, which could cost you a great deal of money in lost revenue.

The software guides you through the process step-by-step. You can either learn how to analyse the data in a training course or have us analyse the data you’ve collected for you. Simply email the files to us and we’ll send back a comprehensive report with our recommendations. You hang up the RFID tags (key rings with a chip) wherever you are taking a measurement. All tags have their own ID code and the most recent measurement is saved on the tag. The handheld scanner is able to scan and take readouts from these tags as well as store new data. This means that you’ll be able to see immediately the difference between the previous and current measurement without it being possible to mix up readings.

Balancing is very important and commonly employed for air conditioning units, automobiles and transport, production lines (breweries, etc.), printers and paper processing, etc. A machine’s balance can be disturbed by nothing more than accumulated debris, minor fissures, etc. The pocket balancer’s simple step-by-step system makes it easy for anyone to solve problems fast.

Total solution
The complete system can be used by your own engineers. You simply measure the vibrations and their cause, balance and realign the machinery, and then take a new vibration measurement, all using just 1 piece of wireless equipment. This means considerable savings for you in terms of expenditure and avoids unwelcome surprises in the future.

MultAlign is keen to find the solution that suits you. You can choose between having us take the measurements, taking the measurements yourself and having us perform an analysis, or having us train you so that your staff can perform all of the operations for themselves.


  • Full on-screen display of vibration data with colour-highlighted alerts
  • Easy Asset Wizard™ set-up with in-built industrial standards for engines, pumps, etc.
  • Diagnosis and display of imbalance, faulty alignment, bearing defects, etc.
  • Automatic report generator (can be adjusted by the user)
  • User-friendly: simple click operation of functions
  • Can be used as an optional extra to the alignment equipment

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