Stealth Laser S-670

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The S-670 is among the new generation of alignment lasers. The S-670 uses the latest techniques in linear PSD technology, wireless communication and design to deliver the most accurate measurements.

40 years of innovation make this laser suitable not only for the most inexperienced users, but also, owing to its advanced functions, extremely appropriate for highly experienced users.

Features of the Stealth S-670:

  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth of Digi®wireless up to a distance of 10 metres
  • Super-Linear PSD detector technology: 1 micron resolution
  • Double-axled live measurement/adjustment: 2 alignment axles that are continuously updated automatically
  • Lithium Polymer batteries: the longest lifespan of batteries known in the industry
  • Auto Sweep™ Mode: makes alignments easy for both coupled and uncoupled machines.
  • Standard clips for aligning axles ranging from 25 mm to 150 mm in diameter.
  • Choice of PDA, Tablet or PC produced for industry.

Click here for the S-670 information brochure (PDF English).

Click here for the S-670 equipment hire brochure

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