Our products:

  • Loctite Fixmaster
    • Marine Chocking for grouting engines, machines, screw shaft pipes, deck superstructures, etc. in the offshore and shipping sectors. Click here for the brochure
    • Grouting for grouting engines, machines, pumps, bearings, foundations on concrete or steel, etc. for use in the industrial sector. Also for creating chemical anchors. Click here for the brochure
  • Stealth Laser Equipment, the latest and most accurate lasers for alignment. Click here for further information
  • Industry Chock, the economic and easily adjustable engine and machine mount for aligning and laying foundations for machines, engines, couplings, suspension bearings, generators, etc. Click here to go to the Industry Chock website
  • Laser Eye, the economic solution for continuous monitoring of the alignment and vibration of engines, generators, machines, pipes, platforms, etc. Click here to go to the Laser Eye website S-680 Laser Loctite Fixmaster Epoxy

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