Loctite Epoxy

Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking

After more than 5 years of testing and use in the United States and China, a new epoxy filler is now also available in Europe. The Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking Compound has been developed for grouting machines, engines, gearboxes, etc. Its specifications are at the least equivalent to current grouting products, but its price is not. Naturally enough, the epoxy has received certification from all the major classification agencies.

Loctite is introducing Fixmaster Marine Chocking at a lower price than current well-known brands, which translates into considerable savings straightaway. It goes without saying that in addition to this low price you can rest assured of the absolute quality that you’ve come to expect from Loctite.

Loctite Marine Chocking Compound can be obtained only from MultAlign BV, which you can count on for the best in service and customer contact. Besides selling epoxy, MultAlign is also able to offer a wide range of support. For example, you can take training courses for do-it-yourself, professional grouting using Loctite or you could choose to have the whole casting process and any alignment work carried out by MultAlign.

Please contact us for further information and prices.

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