Laser Equipment

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All Stealth Laser equipment employs the latest technology and makes alignment a piece of cake. Stealth’s attractive prices make alignment accessible to everyone.

Alongside simplicity and user-friendliness (Windows-based system), it has all of the advanced functions for the most complex alignment operations.
Alignment is performed step-by-step and explained in thorough detail thus making it easy for anyone to learn.

The basic set (S-660) is available from € 5,000 and provides users with the functions necessary for correct alignments. For example, the system is wireless and can be operated using a small PDA (included) with report creation software being supplied in the package as standard. The Stealth S-660 is simplicity itself to operate, fully comprehensive and a very economic purchase. Please contact us for further information.

Naturally, we can provide courses of training for the correct operation of Stealth Lasers so you get the very best from them.

All systems are wirelessly operated and the system runs in Windows. This means that you will become used to the software quickly, particularly in view of the fact that the software guides you through every process step-by-step.

Pulley Pro

The Pulley Pro allows you to align pulleys and related equipment quickly and easily. The system’s patented process enables you to spot linear and axial variances in an instant and fix them fast. This system is the only one on the market to let you both read out variances and correct them straightaway. The system is still under € 2,000.00 and is easy to learn for anyone.

Call us for a free demonstration of the skill and capabilities of Stealth Alignment, Geometrical and Pully Pro equipment.

Stealth series:
– Stealth S-670 Alignment Laser (click for further product information)
– Stealth S-680 Alignment Laser (click for further product information)

– Geometrical Set (as an addition to the Stealth Laser) (click here for further product information)

– Pulley Pro (click here for further product information)

All laser equipment can be supplemented by a module for vibration measurements and balancing. Click here for further information about vibration measurements and balancing: combined with the Stealth Laser, it’s a total solution for maintenance and condition monitoring.

All this equipment can also be hired from MultAlign. If interested, we would be happy to arrange a demonstration for you.

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