MultAlign introduces Loctite Epoxy.

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Alphen aan den Rijn, 22 October 2010

MultAlign introduces a new epoxy to the Dutch market: Loctite Fixmaster
Marine Chocking

An alternative is at last available to the customary epoxies used for grouting machines, engines, screw shaft pipes, etc. Loctite has spent 5 years testing and using the new epoxy in Asia and the United States and is now introducing the epoxy to the Dutch market in collaboration with MultAlign.

Why yet another epoxy brand?

Many companies have been tied to their current epoxies for years. As a result of this, Loctite has taken the time to come to market with a new, high-quality product. This epoxy, Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking, provides a highly competitive alternative, not only in terms of its specifications but also in terms of price. In collaboration with Loctite, MultAlign has been testing the product for a full year and is extremely enthusiastic about the results.

Michaël Krapels, managing director at MultAlign: “The market has been asking us for an alternative for years. We’ve now found it at Loctite and the tests have exceeded our expectations. We’re now able to offer a good alternative product with a strong brand name. It’s not just good news for us, but also for the free market and the end user.”

Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking has already received approval from all the major classification agencies and, as a result, is ready for the Dutch market. Despite the product name, Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking can also be used in industry.

Where can I get this epoxy?

Although Loctite usually employs several distributors for its products, it has made a conscious decision to have one exclusive distributor in this case owing to this product’s complexity. MultAlign has more than 20 years’ experience of aligning and grouting engines, machines, etc. and, consequently, is the partner of choice in terms of its ability to offer any required support. In addition, MultAlign is already the distributor for Stealth Alignment Lasers. Furthermore, MultAlign can supply the correct training and products for complete and accurate alignment work.

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