MultAlign has a new product from Loctite for restoring damaged steel.

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Fixmaster Superior Metal is a liquid, corrosion-proof, metal resin for repairing and re-aligning such things as damaged axle parts. In addition to axle repairs, Superior Metal can be used in any situation involving damaged or corroded steel. For example, this could include pump housing, flanges, piping, etc. Furthermore, Superior Metal can also be used to ‘cast’ steel in moulds.

In summary, it’s a new, innovative and highly versatile product with applications for all industrial sectors. As one would expect from Loctite, the product is of superior quality and competitively priced!

For a brief (video) explanation about its applications, please use the link to YouTube

MultAlign has Loctite Marine Grade Anti-Seize for coating propeller shafts: a lubricant for protecting metal that is exposed either directly or indirectly to fresh or salt water. It has lubricating properties, repels water and can withstand temperatures ranging from -29 ºC to +1315 ºC.

Loctite Marine anti-seize

Loctite Fixmaster Superior Metal and Marine Grade Anti-Seize can be obtained direct from MultiAlign; please contact us for further information or to place an order.

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