MultAlign introduces electric right-angle turning machine

Written by on June 1, 2011 in Nieuws - 1 Comment

From today, MultAlign is introducing the internally developed right-angle turning machine. The turning machine has been developed to make it easier to turn engines. Turning engines for maintenance or realignment is often a heavy duty and intensive business. The turning machine saves time and energy. Simply plugging it into a 220V socket outlet and using the ½” connection socket makes virtually any engine easier to turn by means of a socket or loosening socket.


850W electric drill with 220V flex (4 metres) which can be disconnected
Delay of 1 in 50 (as a result heavy engines can be turned without any problem)
Full weight approx. 10kg
½” connection socket
Adjustable handle for left or right-handed operation
Adjustable drill power for constant speed
Dimensions: (length × height × width) 54 × 10 × 7 centimetres

The right-angle turning machine is now available from MultAlign for € 799.00 excluding 19% VAT.

CAT Torner by MultAlign

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