Continuous monitoring system for alignment and vibrations

Written by on April 1, 2011 in Nieuws - 3 Comments

For the purpose of keeping a watchful eye on the condition of your propulsion installation, MultAlign has developed a monitoring system capable of constantly displaying the situation in terms of alignment and vibrations.

Its advantages for you:

  • No more unnecessary alignment inspections
  • Constant overview about the condition of the installation (increases in vibration, changes to alignment)
  • An immediate idea about the effect of the load, collisions, etc. on the installation
  • Ability to plan maintenance in advance: i.e. never having to be unnecessarily inoperative again
  • Complete history and prediction of, for example, the wear on bearings

Vibration monitoring can pinpoint, for example, a problem area in relation to a particular rotational speed. In addition, continuous monitoring of alignment keeps you aware of when the installation needs to be readjusted in order to extend the life of the engine and all the components and in order to reduce wear.

The cost of the alignment and vibration monitoring system is € 4,000.00, including installation. This system has been specially adapted for marine engines and is a minor investment that can yield major savings.

Please contact us for further information.

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