MultAlign introduces new technology at Technical & Industrial Trade Fair (TIV)

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On 18, 19 and 20 January 2011, MultAlign will be present at the Technical & Industrial Trade Fair (TIV) in Gorinchem together with a number of completely new inventions in the field of alignment. MultAlign developed these products internally and not only are they innovative but also cost-saving.

Laser Eye

As an example, a system is to be introduced at the trade fair which, for the first time, combines the continuous monitoring of alignment and vibration. Vibration monitoring already exists on the current market, but combining this with alignment monitoring is entirely new. In addition, the system will be offered at a fair price, starting from € 3,000.00, which makes it a lucrative investment in view of the considerable savings it can generate in terms of maintenance costs.
The system has applications within the industrial and shipping sectors – anywhere, in fact, where alignment needs to be monitored.

In terms of main engines for shipping, for example, the system allows you to verify at any time whether the engines are in alignment and what the effect of any vibration may be. The result means never again having to go to unnecessary expense to check alignment and, consequently, an assessment can be made promptly about when alignment needs to be corrected or when maintenance work needs to be performed. If a collision occurs or an object gets caught in the screw, you will be able to tell straightaway whether this has affected alignment.

In industry, the system can be applied to production lines or offshore on oil platforms. When pumping out oil on the platforms, distortion can arise owing to the forces involved in the process. This system means you can now directly monitor the degree of distortion and whether this remains within your tolerances.

The system is being introduced for the first time at the TIV in Gorinchem at Stand 135.

Industry Chock

At the trade fair, MultAlign is also introducing its newly developed adjustable engine and machine mount. Its features include low overall height, high strength resistance and easy readjustment. In addition to these features, the Industry Chock is distinct from other adjustable mounts owing to its price, which is on average 40% lower than currently available mounts.

The system is being introduced for the first time at the TIV in Gorinchem at Stand 135.

Naturally, MultAlign will also be presenting its current range of products. This means that you will be able to ask at our stand for more information about the Loctite Fixmaster Epoxies, the Stealth Alignment Lasers, the Pocket Vibra Pro (vibration measurements), the Pocket Balancer (on-site balancing) and the Pulley Pro (pulley alignment laser).

We look forward to seeing you at Stand 135 at the TIV in Gorinchem on 18, 19 or 20 January 2011 in the Events Hall in Gorinchem.

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